Wallbox proposed us to make a video for investors and broadcast it live.

The result? 5 days of filming, 2 days of B-Roll, 1 streaming with a 45-minute piece of video produced and 1 hour and 15 minutes of live and interaction with potential investors.

A project that combines the testimonies of the main faces of the company, animated graphics and all of this with the presence of the product and the whole environment that encompasses the company.

Direction and production: Leo Olabarría
Assistant director: Joan Paüls and Carla D’Arnaude
Production: Carles Losada
Production assistant: Francesc Palau
DOP: Joan Tisminetzky
Camera Operator: Joan Tisminetzky, Andreu Pascual, Lucas Fernández, Arnau Abella, Oscar Sanz
Art Director: Aina Sanfeliu
Art Assistant: Paula Aguilar
Stylist/Make-up/Hairstylist: Inma Cifre
Styling assistant: Jana Bachs
Electricians: Albert Grinyó
Sound: Tortuga Sound
Still photography: Pol Aibar and Alex Ruíz
Editing: Pau Carrasco and Igluuu Studio
Graphics: Igluuu Studio, Pietro Barruzzi and Hissora Linse