The Emergency Medical System (EMS) is one of our recurring clients. They work with all types of formats and creative styles, from interview formats to corporate videos, including spots with music from the Bee Gees.

Working with a client of such magnitude is a great incentive for us. It allows us to connect with various profiles who work with them and raise awareness about the essential tasks they carry out, saving lives on a daily basis.


Experience SEM to the fullest!

To experience SEM, it is important to have the ability to work in a team or to build your career on medical excellence and innovation. It also requires a high level of initiative and commitment in your daily activities. The values showcased in this piece encapsulate the work of over 4,000 professionals in this service.
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SEM - Medical Tips

Do you know how to act in case of an emergency? Production of 15 informative capsules for the general public.
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