Call to arms

Agencia: Piece of Cake
Producer: Àngela Escudé
Director: Leo Olabarría
DOP: Sergi Garnica
Photography: Vane Farré

Following the brand’s international guidelines, we adapted the #Bethedifference campaign to Spain. Through four brand ambassadors, we produced a series of audiovisual pieces, photographs and other digital formats of short duration.


Change and chaos


Jordi Alba is the chaos


Ivan Rakitic is the control


To be in control

What does it bring to us?

Working with elite athletes requires planning to the millimetre, as they have very little time in front of the camera. This meant a challenging production and realisation through rehearsals in order to be able to generate so many pieces in such a short time. A black and white staging through the use of clear and dark shades, as well as a disruptive language were the visual ingredients to accompany a campaign that had control and chaos as its creative concept. We like to have everything under control so that everything can get out of control!

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